JJ. Abrams On ‘Modern-Day Mystery’ Show Alcatraz

At the recent FOX TCA tour, creator JJ. Abrams offered a few more details on the upcoming Alcatraz pilot, confirming that the FOX pilot will involve mystery from the outset. I’m sure this will please many Bad Robot fans.

Head past the jump to read what he had to say.

Is Alcatraz actually about Alcatraz?

ABRAMS: Alcatraz does involve Alcatraz.

Will it be shot in the actual prison?

ABRAMS: Some will be, yes. There are sets being built, but there will be some of the pilot shot in San Francisco at Alcatraz.

What is the series about?

ABRAMS: I don’t want to give anything away because no one wants to hear that, but I will say that it’s a beautifully written and surprisingly emotional script, although not surprising when you know that Liz Sarnoff wrote it. She’s amazing. The show is about an incredibly odd and mysterious turn and secret about the prison of Alcatraz, and a modern-day mystery that involves something very odd that happened there 50 years ago.

Who have you cast?

ABRAMS: The cast is unbelievable. It’s Sam Neill, Sarah Jones, Jorge Garcia from Lost – who was the first person we cast and is just the greatest with an amazing role – and Johnny Coyne, who’s an amazing English actor. We have a spectacular cast. There are a number of other actors and it is wonderful. I’m really excited about the show.


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